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About the Author 

I am a Air Force veteran and Daytona Beach Community College, Southern Illinois University, & Webster University alumni.


I am the wife of retired MSgt Mark Dawley Sr. and the mother of daughter, Larayne, and two sons, Mark Jr. & Micah Dawley.


Photo Courtesy by Dr. Joanne Dawley

I currently reside in the Spangdahlem AB, Germany community as a self-motivated teacher/counselor and an advocate for children/adults with special needs who has a passion to spread God’s love because each of us hold a special place in His heart. I enjoy biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, jogging, traveling, and especially where all of this began…writing letters.

As a mother of two ESE children with special needs, it's time to stop "WAITING" for a difference, but to take a stand and "MAKE" a difference.


Our children were my inspiration in writing my book, but I want to be able to spread the word that we need more stories from parents of special needs children.


My ultimate goal is to have a ESE Parent Support Group in each school all over the world where we can be heard and be the voice for our children, but to impact our next generation in the most positive way.


Please email me your stories at of how you were able to make a difference from you as a special needs child or your "special" child's life.

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