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It's time to make a positive change in our lives. "A must-read book".


Stop making excuses and let's become an advocate for our children, but moreso, for our own belief and passion.


"A word not spoken is a word not heard."

~ Kerry Corley Dawley

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and supporting my magnificent obsession for writing.

Have you ever questioned your own strengths and weaknesses, think you could never meet your goals, or second guessed your innermost thoughts?

'Because U Can Do It' is packed full of quotations which cover everything from your feelings to one's growth, what could inspire you to do better as an individual and/or with a team, and reconnecting with your own spirituality.

It's a refreshing book to recall the many lessons we were once taught or heard.       

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Special Thanks:

School Years 2007-2009 GED students in Baker County who showed me the importance to gaining and sharing knowledge in all avenues and at every age through teaching & counseling.

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