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Welcome to BUCDI!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and supporting my magnificent obsession for writing.

I'm Kerry Corley Dawley, author of "BUCDI"-Because U Can Do It.

Have you ever questioned your own strengths and weaknesses, think you could never meet your goals, or second guessed your innermost thoughts?

'Because U Can Do It' is packed full of quotations which cover everything from your feelings to one's growth, what could inspire you to do better as an individual and/or with a team, and reconnecting with your own spirituality.

It's a refreshing book to recall the many lessons we were once taught or heard.       

It's time to make a positive change in our lives. "A must-read book".

Stop making excuses and let's become an advocate for our children, but moreso, for our own belief and passion.

"A word not spoken is a word not heard."

~ Kerry Corley Dawley

Please submit any comments/suggestions to in order for me to better assist you in the near future.

Special Thanks: School Years 2007-2009 GED students in Baker County who showed me the importance to gaining and sharing knowledge in all avenues and at every age through teaching & counseling.

Content copyright 2011-2012. BUCDI. All rights reserved.

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